(Is this becoming a food blog? Yikes)  

So I posted this picture on the old Insta earlier today:   


And people liked it more than the typical pictures of my kids, so here's the recipe (it's vague, but just go with it): 

Oh--so a little backstory, I'm doing a whole30 type thing right now, an elimination diet to remove some inflammatories from my diet (wow I sound Iike a geezer), mainly because of some health stuff ("stuff" meaning maybe Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever--a real true thing. Not a bluegrass band at the upper state fair.).

So here's the recipe which is good and also noble because if you're into those sort of health things (no gluten, no dairy, etc) this ticks all those boxes. Ticks. Daggone. TICKS!


1 package frozen (thawed) shredded hash browns  

1 dozen eggs (or in my case, 8--yeahhh)  

salt and pepper  

nutritional yeast (whaaat...or shredded sharp cheddar, or neither. All work)  

add ins like BACON! Chopped peppers, mushrooms, green onions....etc



preheat your oven to 425.  

Spray your muffin tins. You'll have such a sad experience if you don't. 

In a big bowl, combine hash browns with salt n peppa, cheese or yeast or nothing.  

Add a super generous pinch (like a grab) of potatoes and basically fill each tin. Like to the top. You'll think "I simply can't use all these potatoes!" But you will. Do it.  

Then with your fingers, smoosh the potatoes to the sides and bottom of the pan, leaving a space in the middle for your egg mixture. There should be a shaggy overlap on each one. That's good! It'll cook down a bit. Also looks nest-y and gives you lots of crunchy bits. 

Bake for 20-25 minutes til light brown.  

In the meantime, if you want, crack your eggs and wisk them. However, if you happen to love a good runny yolk, sit on your hands.  

Wisk in green onion and a little s+p.  

After the potatoes have baked, turn the oven down to 350.  

Pour egg mixture in each hollow, OR crack an egg into each one. My husband doesn't do runny yolk. Aside: what's with the Internet's fascination with little runny yolk pierced by a fork videos? I like a good egg like that but the videos are gross to me. WHY. 

Top each egg with whatever mix ins (toppings I guess, but they sink in) you've chosen.  

Bake for 10-12 minutes. Cool a little, then remove from the pan. Eat all the crispy bits left behind.

So so good.  

Also good heated back up. So boom -- you just made your breakfast for the week.  

AuthorBeth Ables