Hooray!  Matthew and I have found a new place to live, signed the lease, and are all set to move in Oct. 1st.  Everything went oh, so smoothly, and we’re thankful for God’s provisions. No more Magazine Street, though.  I’ll certainly carry many memories of our first home together…there’ll never be anything quite as crooked like it.

Things I’m excited about our new place:

  • it’s on the top floor—no more upstairs neighbors clomping around in their “work shoes” at 6am. I swear the guy gets out of the shower and into his oxfords first thing.
  • It has an enormous porch—with three doors leading to it.  This is because it’s a Charleston “single house” meaning it’s a single room wide with a side veranda stretching its entire length. Room for our grill, seating area, table and chairs, and even a cool old church pew that our landlords are letting us keep.
  • It has a brand-new kitchen and bathroom.  I’ve been cooking for upwards of 15 people some nights on a tiny gas stove and oven that looks like a child’s toy…no joke.  Most cookie sheets will not fit inside.  The new kitchen is gorgeous…and includes this crazy contraption where you can place dirty dishes inside a cabinet, press a button, and when you open up the door…they come out clean.  That’s some kind of crazy magic voodoo. I could go on and on about the cool cabinets and granite counter tops, but then I’d sound like, well—my mom (hi Verna).
  • …but the bathroom has a shower head that will accomodate bathers over 5’2”, which is a nice feature.
  • we’re renting from a young couple, not from a rude company.  And they have been very generous to us.
  • There are huge windows everywhere.  And twelve foot ceilings.
  • Mostly, though, it’s simply another place where Matthew and I can continue our “home,” which is not a building at all, but a place God-given and maybe hard to explain (or just corny)—but it is within us, and we pray often that we share that particular home with everyone we can. 

So again—hooray!

…um, wanna help me pack?

AuthorBeth Ables