I can’t even begin to write enough gushing good words about my friends here in Charleston.  I feel like a year ago, moving to a new city and beginning and new job and on the cusp of marriage…I had a lot going on, and not a lot of connections on which to lean.

But my first day of school, I met Mary Jacob, and I knew right away we’d be friends.  And on the second day, I was introduced to Melissa.  Without these two, I would have had less laughter and less fulfillment during this past school year…but they are true friends, too.  We don’t just see each other during the school day, so it’s really wonderful.

The first week I was in Charleston, I lived in Rita and Colleen’s living room.  I knew Rita from two previous meetings—that’s it, and had maybe heard Colleen’s name once.  Yet they helped me adjust and feel welcome.

Rita doesn’t date Colleen (though through their apartment search, many apartment managers would ask otherwise…sheesh), she dates Michael, and Michael lives with John.  And we’re all friends too.

We’ve become better than aquaintances because we eat together a lot.  I think meals seal the deal on friendships.  That’s why those two words ryhme.

All of these amazing people (plus Clare, who became my friend at school too, because my first period was in her classroom) threw me a party this past Thursday which delighted my heart and continues to fill me with joy even now.

I want to write a little play-by-play of the evening.  Which will have to wait—I’m headed to John and Michael’s to watch the debate and eat some pizza.

AuthorBeth Ables