So tomorrow after school, I have to “prepare” my classroom.

…for Hurricane Hanna.

People here in Charleston say to fear all hurricanes that begin with an “h,” and that we should be expecting one because it’s been so long since Hugo, and I’m fearful. If you look at Matthew’s blog, you’ll see the projected course of the storm. Which is basically wanting to spend the weekend with us. In our library. Soaking all of our books.

All I have to compare this to is ice storms and snow flurries. My students getting all hopeful that school will be cancelled…and people buy up all the bread and milk. But that’s kind of fun, right? This could result in power outages for week(s), floods, and more. And I wouldn’t get to cozy up with a book on our couch, we’d be evacuating. Which turns a three hour drive into a six hour one.

So after my usual farmer’s market trip, we’ll be stopping by the store to buy jugs of water and batteries. Matthew says we won’t need to buy water because we have “a complete water filtration system” so we’ll just fill up our bathtub. Neato.

Am I overexaggerating? Am I blowing things out of proportion? Of course. But what do you do in situations like this? Over or under prepare?

This is all new to us, and brings up some of those old life-choice questions like “if you had to evacuate for a hurricane and might not ever see any of your possessions again, what would you take with you and why?”

AuthorBeth Ables