I’m neither conning or versing, but here’s a neat story.

I’ve wanted some Converse low-tops for a long while, but every time I mention them, Matthew says they’re too expensive.  This is true—we’re really poor.  I guess. 

I think he may actually just be trying to keep me from:

  1. jumping on a bandwagon
  2. looking like an older person trying to be a younger person

So I went ahead and designed a pair on their website.  I love activities like this online.  Have you designed your own Dunkin’ Doughnut?  I always have the best ideas for those doughnuts, but the final product always ends up looking like a cat turd.  Not a delicious image, right?

So I designed some Converse.  They were awesome, but I went back to the idea of a simple, classic cream colored pair. 

He still said no. 

When the dear, thrifty husband and I were up in Asheville two weeks ago, we found this old alleyway we’d explored back when we were dating.  It’s full of amazing graffiti, colorful doorways…it’s obvious some really creative and fun loving people live behind those doors.  The last time we were there, Matthew took a picture of me that’s on his desk at his parents house—it’s also the photo he used to announce we were getting married on his blog.  Yep.  I just typed that. 

So the alleyway has silly sentimental meaning to us.

But this alleyway gave me a pair of ConverseIn my size. 

I’m a scavenger at heart.  My classroom is outfitted with an old Sunday-School rug, a hodgepodge of lamps, two shedding wicker chairs, and an old screened door.  So when I saw a pile of discarded housewares by a garbage can, I had to take a peek. 

And there, perched on a window ledge!  Size 6 cream colored Converse low tops.  Sure, they had some bird poop on them.  Sure the were…used.    I say they are perfectly broken in. 

After a couple of baths in the washing machine, my new shoes are looking just right.

AuthorBeth Ables