Sometimes I check the free section of Craigslist.  Just to see if anything’s interesting.  Usually it’s just empty baby food jars, moving boxes, and an odd couch or two.  But sometimes I find stories, like today.  It’s like F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, “all good writing is swimming underwater and holding your breath.”  The air is thick with stories waiting their turn.  It’s shimmering, lovely, and difficult to breathe.

Soft Drink Cans Gone I Wish I Had a Million (Folly Beach)

Date: 2009-04-21, 8:55PM EDT
I gave the cans (found I had 7 bags) to the Ronald McDonald House and they were just picked up. Many inquired, most of them charities of one kind or another, but I couldn’t give them to everyone. I wish I had a million so everyone could have had some but I chose the charity that I felt needed them most (after confirming by phone). I will have more; my son drinks 24 cans of Pepsi a week plus a dozen or so Celeste (yes, kidneys still good as is blood sugar). I will post when I have another few bags. My apologies to those who wanted them and missed out. Thanks also to those who know me and have offered prayers in the loss of my dear wife, my only love since she was 4 and I si.x. I miss her.

AuthorBeth Ables