My friend Jen keeps waiting for me to call her.

She’s so dear.  And obviously, so patient. 

I’m a terrible friend. 

But I thought of her today while I was looking at the free section of Craigslist.  And, yes, if I have time to check the free section of Craigslist, I have time to call Jen. 


Jen’s family owns a tortoise named Bubba.  Bubba’s a girl. 

Maybe I can have my own tortoise…here’s the listing I just found:

here is a desert tortis only charging $25 for relocation fee . Includes Tortis(name Jr) Tank,Log home Heat lamp (non lighting kind) and a UV ligh. He eats romaine hearts lettus. will give you the stand and little extras with it. great for kids all you need to do is change out the inside of the tank with sand and/or rocks (i mixed a bag of each)

AuthorBeth Ables