This time next week, Matthew and I will be in Boston.  I’m finally going to New England, to live out my literary dream.  No, not the one about getting published, but I am seeing Concord, Amherst, a certain house in Hartford, and Bennington…

I can’t help it—I’m a true English major and can’t wait to see Walden Pond and walk around Louisa May’s yard and look at the kitchen table where Mr. Frost wrote a little poem about some woods, and snow, and an evening.  And miles to go. 

We’re even staying at the Wayside Inn. 

But there’s a lot about New England we aren’t familiar with, and we don’t want to miss anything.  We also don’t want to limit ourselves to home tours and their requisite gift shops.

So if you’ve been up there before, (Aunt Sandra!  Uncle Tom!) give us some tips.  We’re driving a amoeba-shaped loop from Boston, down to Hartford, up to Amherst, up to Bennington, through the White Mountains, and back down to Boston. 

Where should we go? 

AuthorBeth Ables