I took a break from most things Internet.  About 40 or so days. Here I am again, Tumblr.

Today, a Springtime day—cut from the most spring-like of cloths.  A day with crisp skies, cool breezes, but warm spots of sun.  Charleston is perfumed and too gorgeous to stand.  I woke up, took my time getting ready, edited and printed a script I wrote for the high school’s drama production.  The hosts needed something to say.

Biked over to the gym downtown, delivered the script, helped the guys rehearse…and now I’ve got “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray looping in my head.

I hate musicals.

Said hello to Matthew at the coffee shop.  Rode up to Marion Square to see what the farmer’s market is like this season.  I prefer the Mount Pleasant one because it’s just food, while the Saturday market has crafty stuff and tourists everywhere.  But I’ve missed the entire experience—it was good to be there.  I bought a bunch of baby kale and some whole wheat pasta from The Pasta Man (as I call him, anyway), and got 3 bundles for 2 bucks…nice!

I biked home and read in the sun for awhile until Matthew came home.  This post has too many choppy sentences, but I’m going to click Create Post anyway. 

AuthorBeth Ables