So, yeah, this background looks bad, I just want this tumblr to look cool like Costa’s.

Yoga was pretty challenging yesterday, and I’m sore today.  But it’s a purposeful pain, so I’m glad for it.  They heated the studio to 85 degrees, so I was in a pose looking down at my toes with sweat dripping off the tip of my nose (note unintentional rhyming).

When I got home and showered off, it was time for Monday Night Dinner, one of the best parts of the week.  Michael came over first and hung out while we waited for Rita and Colleen to arrive.  Usually by that time I’m cooking away in the (very hot and poorly ventilated) kitchen.

DJ, one of the neighborhood kids that comes to visit and ask for watermelon (really), stopped by and sat and talked with me on the front steps for awhile.  That’s when Melissa walked up with the other girls.  DJ was very nice and polite and impressed me as usual with how bright he is for being just five and basically on his own during the day.

We ate well: tilapia, mushroom rice pilaf, sautéed vegetables and onions, and homemade bread.  And I made Mom’s chocolate chip cake for dessert.  What a great meal, and good conversation, too.

After eating, everyone helped with my zine and contributed little drawings and writings.  It’s going to look so great, and I’m continuing to be excited about it.  And hoping to work a bit on layout and writing after lunch…which I should be fixing right now instead of blogging….

This morning felt good—the weather, my sense of being, everything.  I tutored for a couple of hours on poetry, and Fahrenheit 451.  The kids are doing great, and we really talk about the literature.  It makes me wonder if that isn’t how class is supposed to be…a little round table overlooking rooftops and trees and lots of sky….and IDEAS.  I love it.  I sit there and compare these mornings to the ones I have at home alone doing my own thing (piddling) and think—this is what makes me alive.

Time for sandwich making.

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