I’m not gonna lie, I think I have an awesome mother-in-law.  And I’m not just posting that on the world wide web because I know that she reads this blog!  She’s encouraging, positive, prayerful, down-to-earth, and a lot of fun to be around.  Really! 

She also enjoys baking, and is known for her pound cake, her almond torte, her brownies, and her congo bars. 

Being from south Georgia, when she first asked me in disbelief, “you mean to tell me you’ve never eaten a congo bar?” I thought it was a conga bar. I think in my head it was spelled Kangah.  

Congo/conga/kangah bars are delicious blondie-type bar cookies, and they’ve become my bribe of choice with my students.  They know the pan.  They think the recipe is a closely guarded family secret.  If there are congo bars in my classroom, students who’ve hated me for years start coming around like I’m Mr. Keating from Dead Poets Society. 

And they are everything good about a cookie: gooey, buttery, chocolatey…and SO easy to make. 

Matthew leaves tomorrow on his annual Fishing Trip with the Men in the Family, so I decided I’d make them a treat.  Congo bars came to mind, of course, but that’s a family standard, and a mother-in-law standard.  If someone’s going to make congo bars for these guys, it should be their mom.  Otherwise, they’d know an imposter on first bite. 

But what if…I changed things?  What if…I took her brownie recipe and spooned congo bar batter on top?  What if I made these in muffin tins?

What if I did this 20 minutes ago and they are FREAKING AWESOME??

I feel like a dessert genius.  In fact, brownie/cookie combos have been around for awhile: they even have a cool name—“brookies”. 

I have a nameless, delicious dessert cooling in the kitchen. 

What do I name these things?

Brownie + congo bar + muffin/cupcake = ???

AuthorBeth Ables