So it all started when we went to this garage sale type thing and bought this giant glass vase. We thought - this will be perfect for a terrarium.

Cost: $15

So we added some gravel from our driveway…

Then on the way back from the beach, we bought some sweet-looking plants at Lowes. Cost: $17

Next, we stopped at Petco for some activated charcoal. This keeps the bacteria and smell at a minimum. Cost: $8

Then we added a layer of spanish moss off the tree in the front of our house.

Meanwhile, Beth is working in the kitchen on a delicious dinner. This is some sort of vegetable tian with white wine vinegar and leeks and all sorts of veggies.

Now we add a bunch of regular potting soil and begin arranging where we want the plants.

These little guys are very delicate. Check out the intense concentration that is required…

Busted!! No cats allowed…

Almost done…

It needs a little more character. A twig and a clay “Oogle.”

And we’re done!

Dinner is ready! Sauteed okra from the farmer’s market. Aforementioned veggie tian. And catfish cakes made from catfish out of Lake Marion.

Check out for more info on the catfish cakes.

AuthorBeth Ables