How does anyone name a minor league baseball team The Rainbows?

Matthew just brought me a Pop-Ice.  The flavor I asked for?  “Anything but purple,” which, I know, isn’t a flavor in two respects at least.  But dang if the manchild didn’t bring me a yellow one.

Is it lemony and refreshing?  No.

It’s banana.

Beethoven’s favorite fruit.

Ba na na na….

ba na na na

get it?

yeah,that’s about as bad as…a banana flavored Pop Ice.

…Or Americans that spell flavor “flavour” because they think they’re all cool and British and different.

That’s about as silly as naming a baseball team the Rainbows.

It was Irish Night.  Meaning: Ireland’s National Anthem, a really tall guy dressed as a leprechaun (clicking his heels and carrying a box of Lucky Charms), green beer, mini Irish dancers, slutty strippery girls (Irish how?), and green beer.

I ate some boiled peanuts. Matthew  just finished them, alternating between nasty frozen artifically flavored banana  juice and the goobers.

Tomorrow: sweet potato pancakes, Folly Beach, and home again home again diddly dee (Greenville).

AuthorBeth Ables