Note: I hate cute spellings (see above).  I sort of died a little as I typed that.  Like when clothing stores advertise “Back 2 School” sales.   Does that “2” really make it “kool?”

I don’t think so.  And no English teacher jokes here, please.

First day is tomorrow.  I always freak out and run around like a madwoman the week before school.  I have nightmares (real) that my students will all hate me and I’ll yell at them all of the time.  Or that I won’t have anything to teach them, and my hair will be wet.

But then at the end of the first day I remember why I’ve stuck with this for four years now.  And I’ll think back on past students…and I remember.

But for now, I’m trying to remember that there are so many parts of the Bible that say not to worry.  And remember that there is peace within me.

Back to work (carefully, remembering).

AuthorBeth Ables