He tumble-stole my thunder.

Nevertheless, I love him.  And Bill Murray.


Last week Beth’s friend Mary Louise visited. We had a grand time. While I was at work though, they ran into Bill Murray at Urban Outfitters. I was so supremely jealous, since I’ve lately gotten back on a Wes Anderson kick (thanks Matt Lambert).

According to the two of them, he was with his kids and looked like an old grumpy homeless man. But were convinced it was him upon hearing his voice. They didn’t talk to him, since he was so mean looking, but overheard a gloriously awesome Bill Murray quote.

kids: Let’s go to Cold Stone!

Bill Murray: You guys are jerks. I don’t even know what Cold Stone is.

Awesome. If anyone wants to get together for movie night and watch The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou with Matt Lambert and I, let me know soon.

(I made these obama-rific posters in honor of Bill Murray)

p.s. I had such a grand old time with my London pal Mary Louise!  I love having guests. So, dear readers, please come to our house so that I have an excuse to make homemade cinnamon rolls again.

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