Back from the beach.  Where I mainly just slept.  After eating some delicious french toast and strawberries.  Going out for breakfast is one of my favorite things to do, except for

The Breakfast Conundrum:

sweet (pancakes, cinnamon roll, french toast)


salty (bacon, eggs, biscuit)

it’s so hard to choose.  Matthew and I decided when we open a breakfast place (never), we’ll have a menu item called The BC (Breakfast Conundrum) which will include a great blend of both, without becoming one of those huge breakfasts that come out on four different plates like at Cracker Barrel.

So now, to get ready to go to Greenville, I must:

  1. pack (including choosing a wedding outfit)
  2. do dishes
  3. bake (more) bread
  4. buy and wrap a wedding gift
  5. go to the bank

Instead, I blogged.  Awesome.

AuthorBeth Ables