I got a text message from Matthew on Friday afternoon that read:

Tomorrow can we go for a nice walk downtown?  Like we used to. 


Living in Charleston, as I’m sure it is anywhere, my wonderment and love of this city—my relationship with it—comes and goes.  Perhaps, living by the sea, it’s a tidal thing. 

Matthew and I are both admittedly mountain-people, and long for sharper seasons and crisper air (especially in July).  That doesn’t mean that we don’t drink deep of this lovely town that’s been our home for all of our (three) married years. We’ve been spoiled with our bike rides (to work, to eat, to nowhere and everywhere) and our long, rambling walks.  Each one, we discover something new. 

We love Charleston all over again.   Our story of unfolding and deepening love can be told over cracked slate sidewalks and under wavering live oak branches. 

Today was one of those walks, and I thought I’d take you all along…

We start by riding our bikes to the bank (maybe not the most thrilling way to begin a Saturday ramble, but we had checks to deposit and money IS a thrilling thing). 

(Matthew rides his old 70s bike that was his mom’s!)

Then we grab a quick drink at Starbucks…because we still get them for free. 

Passion tea lemonade…so good.

For the rest of these, I admit I felt like a tourist walking around snapping photos of things I pass by each day.  And on a warm day like today, the tourists were thick. 

Still…there was so much to take in, and so much I wanted to share:

(St. Philips Church)

(a favorite doorway on Queen Street)

(the theater where Stephen Colbert supposedly got his start)

Beside the Footlight Players is a narrow alley where people used to duel.  Back in Revolutionary times (and later), the buildings surrounding this alley were all warehouses, and not the type of places you’d want to be at any time of day.  You can still see bullet marks in the tattered brick walls surrounding this place. 

Then we walked over to Waterfront Park to see the…water.  Though we usually stay away from this area of town (LOTS of tourists and we like watching the sun set from a smaller, quieter park on the other side of the peninsula).  The biggest draw at Waterfront Park?  A giant fountain that’s overrun (in the best, happiest of ways) with kids in the summertime. 

(Ravenel Bridge from the park)

(Matthew points out where we live.  I always pretend to read the Braille on this plaque…why?)

(and then there’s this couple on their ukuleles…so great)

(Rainbow Row—named for their Art Deco paint colors…famous for being the oldest complete block of pre-Revolutionary houses in the country.  Subject of countless cheesy paintings and postcards…and now my blog) 

(on my coffee break/walk during school, I always peek in this garden…all the hidden gardens are my one of my favorite things about this city.  Each is like a jewelry box, tucked away only to be enjoyed by a few)

(even a door knocker invites you to take another look) 

AuthorBeth Ables