Hello, friends!

I’m asking you again this year: what is one book you read when you were a teenager that made an impression on you?  What’s a book you wish you could go back and make your teenage-self read? 

Last year, so many of you sent me your favorite books, and my students finally had a classroom library brim full of great stuff.  I was blown away at your generosity and thoughtfulness. 

…but I promised you notes from the kids, and I’m sorry that didn’t happen…it WILL this year, so be on the lookout! 

Still, I’d like to ask nicely again for any of you that would like to participate this year to send me some titles of a book that made an impression on you when you were a teenager.   And if you’d like, find a beat-up copy, write your name inside, and send it my way.  I want my students to know that all sorts of people READ, not just nerdy English teachers like me. 

I can’t tell you how it feels to sit in a classroom full of teenagers that are reading—it’s the best sort of quiet, and if I could send it to you in an envelope, I would.  It’s the holy hush of thinking, the unfurling of new ideas.  It’s our future, you know. 

Love to each of you, and if you’d like to send a book—and used are best, don’t break the bank here!—message me and I’ll send you my address. Or just send me your suggestions, and I’ll add them to my wishlist.

Here’s to a new school year, and bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils,


AuthorBeth Ables