It was covered in pink bandana fabric...

My first journal was a last-day-of-school gift from my best friend's mom, a blank book bound in pink bandana cloth and waiting for words. And I was waiting for them, too, waiting for blank pages like a listening ear.

Who knows where that first journal is now, because that's how I work: I lose things every day. That makes the finding of them all the more exciting, right? My life is a treasure hunt in that way, I guess.

And here you are, you found me! I'm probably looking for my LAMY pen and a clean page to get an idea down before it slips away, but when I've got it (sort of) together, here I am: home. Writing, discovering beauty, figuring out how to be in this life of mine...holding on, letting go.

Refill my coffee, please.

This is Home.