Well, my mother and father in law are amazing.  I am so blessed by them, and so thankful that I do not have the kind of in-laws some people talk about.  When I tell people at work that my in-laws are coming to town, they feel so sorry for me. But I truly love them, and look forward to seeing them!  Really!

This weekend they yet again proved their awesomeness by helping us move.  I can’t get over how much we did in 24 hours!  I was so worried about getting all of the “big stuff” (grill, washer/dryer, furniture) to our new place, and now it’s ALL there!  So great.  Plus, we even made time for some shopping, which is always fun with Sonya Ables.  Our new apartment is already looking good, and we can’t wait to have people over.

Hooray for family.

AuthorBeth Ables