after my 11th graders left, I noticed there was a wrapped tampon on the floor of my classroom.  I’m sure it fell out of someone’s purse…but I didn’t notice it until my reading lab was all settled down enjoying their free-reading time. 

Seventh grade awkwardness shot to a new level.  No one would pick it up, one girl covered it with her shoe for 20 minutes, another came up to me red-faced after class and whispered, “do you know what’s over there?  I tried to hide it, but I think some of the boys saw.  What are you going to do???” She might as well have been wringing her hands.

She couldn’t believe it when I went over, picked it up, and threw it away.  No blushing required.  I couldn’t help it—I felt freaking mature.

Are you there, God?  It’s me, Beth. 

AuthorBeth Ables